Children First ABA Clinic, LLC offers many different services for a variety of individuals.

ABA Assessment- Assessments are completed by a BCBA with a well qualified assessment team. VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, AFLS, Functional Assessment, Functional Analysis, parent interview, preference assessments, and behavioral observations could be included in the assessment depending on the needs of the individual.

1:1 ABA Treatment- Data driven treatment using evidence based practices by well qualified therapists provided in a nurturing and supportive environment. Evidence based practices that may be used include: Video Modeling, Differential Reinforcement, Extinction, Prompting, and Errorless Learning. Verbal, social, and functional behaviors are the focus of our treatment. 

Social Skills Training- Social skills groups are formed based on the needs and strengths of the individuals. Groups range from preschool play groups to high school social skills groups. Some groups are held in collaboration with Yoga Nook.

Parent Training- Group training as well as ongoing 1:1 trainings are provided on a wide range of topics related to behavior analysis and autism.  A comprehensive parent training series is offered as well.